8th Annual Utah Motherhood Event 2023

As mothers, it’s essential to step out from behind the camera and embrace being in the frame.
We understand the challenges of being busy, exhausted, and feeling less than camera-worthy.
However, it’s crucial to remember that our children will cherish these images, capturing the emotions and memories we create for them.

We have been Celebrating Motherhood at Julie Sheriff Photography since 2016
Our event aims to honor and recognize the profound significance of motherhood.
We understand the many roles and responsibilities that mothers undertake daily.
This event serves as a reminder to take a moment for ourselves, to celebrate our journey as mothers, and to capture the love and connection we share with our children.

This Event is FREE to Past Year Petite/Full session clients, offer wardrobe and refreshments as we celebrate all that goes on behind the scenes of Motherhood
Here are a few images to showcase our last event.



(View Last Years 2022 Event Here)



If you are a Vendor in Utah and would like to come help celebrate the Mothers of Utah,

fill out the contact form or email

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