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About Me

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My name is Julie and I have a passion for coffee, light, and making people smile.
Who am I?
I am a mom of three boys, age 22, 5 and 8.  I am a preschool teacher by day,  a wife and mother by night, and photographer somewhere in-between 😉

What I love
I love Love LOVE being a mom! I love watching all little firsts.  First steps, first words, first wide eyed discoveries of the world, first driver’s license, first girlfriend, first speeding ticket!
I love the dimples small children have on their hands where their knuckles will grow in.  I love the fuzzy halos of hair that glow on a baby’s head as you watch him eat his bananas in the morning light. I love the peanut butter face that only comes from a child who eats their sandwich straight down the center, and how a toddler runs with a straight legged hip rotation waddle.  I love how a child suddenly wants to do everything by themselves, despite their little bodies holding them back.  I love watching my twenty one year old teen walk around  the house with his pants partly down, earphones in his ears, and being just too cool for parents.

I also love actively and mindfully being a mom.  I love being a part of building childhood memories, the good ones that they will carry with them forever.  I love being a family and watching my husband be a father.  I love watching him get down on our kids level and become childlike himself. I love watching him go do “man things” with our teen while I stay home and bake a cake with the littles.  I love falling deeper in love with him every day.

A few other things about me:
I have a “I can do that myself” mentality. Which is what got me into photography in the first place.  I love to at least try to make my own props, crochet hats, I will learn to knit, I cut my own kids hair (and my hair too!) I make my kids birthday cakes, and try to always make my Christmas presents for the family,
I am a Love & Logic mom.
I play the guitar, not well, but I do play (and I sing too!).
I am always looking for ways to be younger, healthier, fitter.  I’m not a guru but I sure strive toward my health goals.
I am spiritual, a lover of God, and always look for ways to see the best in all situations.

About my artwork:
As you can see from above, I love my kids, details, and relationships, and I believe that shows through my work.
Steering away from perfect poses and bold color, I use a combination of beautiful light, minimal color and delicate props to focus on the true essence of a person and the emotions felt between loved ones.
My style is pure, organic, simple and fresh, revolving around the soft delicate intimacy that is everything motherhood.
I want to offer the experience of a beautiful, FUN, relaxed session, along with a variety of beautiful heirloom products to fit all the needs you have today.